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Mar 06 2002
  • Once again, thanx a lot for the heavy testing on my php scripts. Still, don't be shy, just send me bug reports.
  • Major FCVT bug fixed (currently only in CVS). Small numbers are now shown correctly.
Aug 23 2001
As I can see from my logfiles, there are still downloads of the very old version 0.2.13.
Please use, it's as stable as 0.2.13 and much more powerful.
Aug 22 2001
Released beta version
  • integration added
  • latex output mode added (-l | --latex)
  • minor bugfixes
  • configure updates: C++ safe header file
  • lmp compiles on any SourceForge compiler farm system
Aug 16 2001
  • All new LaTeX output mode added. So finally you may even read the results of LMP.
  • Bug fixing continued.
  • Integration works quite well, but still little bit work to do.

As soon as integration works, I will release this one as lmp-beta

If, for some reason, you are interested in unfinished integration or LaTeX output, you can get a cvs snapshot right now.

Aug 14 2001
Hi again. I don't think you are still inspecting this page anymore, but who cares ;)

I continued work on LMP to get it finally stable enough to release it as version 0.3. I had a look on the Sourceforge project index, especially on the thousands of math projects. Actually, there is no need for LMP anymore, but still I will try to update it.

First of all, I added the *long missed* integration operator. That means $ int x (x^2) now returns the root function of x^2. It is not finished yet, but it will be soon.
However, I right now write my thesis and LMP development still isn't highest priority.

ps. If you like your privacy, don't come to this page. Well, don't surf the web at all. About every webserver is tracking your IP address and stuff. Still, I don't. But I use a selfwritten PHP counter to log when and how many requests there where.
If you don't like that, because, for example, you like to hack my php scripts and you don't want me to watch you, please shadow yourself. However, this will create a cookie in your cookie database (pcm_SHADOW=1).
Apropos hacking: You may find find it helpfull to have a look on the sources of the scripts to find bugs. No problem: Just use the script name as the 'file=' argument.

Apr 25 2001
Unfortunately I have to freeze progress on LMP, because I have to do lots of work at school on some thesis :-(
I fear I won't be able to continue until fall :-(
Mar 25 2001
Released beta version
  • simplification updated
  • differentiation updated
  • some minor bugfixes
Feb 23 2001
Released beta version
  • documentation: updated simplification, navigation fixed
  • differentiation updated
  • some bugs fixed
Feb 14 2001
While I was working hard on LMP, some nice guy again helped me to debug my php scripts. There was no bug report until now, I guess he found none.
Thanks a lot for this unexpected help.
Feb 3 2001
Released stable version 0.2.13
  • auto-formatting bugs fixed
Released beta version
  • doc updates
  • bug fixes
Feb 1 2001
Released stable version 0.2.12
  • fixed uncool -b bug: negative values work now
  • auto-formatting output
  • cleaned docs
Jan 29 2001
Some nice guys founds a security lack in my php scripts (http://lmp.sourceforge.net/?file=../../../../../../../../etc/shadow) but forgot to mail me. However, I checked the logs and fixed it.
Jan 19 2001
Released beta version
  • medium arch. changes
  • many bugs closed
  • some doc updates
  • high level tree functions added (simplification, balancing)
  • memory allocation fixes
Jan 15 2001
Updated LMP Manual.
Jan 8 2001
I forgot to update Resource manager data, sorry.
Jan 5 2001
Released beta version
  • first point in TODO done
Jan 4 2001
Being back from vacations, we are coming closer to 0.3
  • added TODO file
  • cleaned function naming
Dec 21 2000
Updated online documentation at sourceforge:
  • XML menus work now
  • modularized docs
  • added News
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